New Website Launch: MEDI Content Management Solutions

MEDI Content Management SolutionsWe are ecstatic to announce the newest addition to the Adventure Web family: Medi Content Management Solutions.  Since 1980, MEDI has made businesses more efficient by turning their physical paper documents into digital data.  They currently offer their services to a variety of clients ranging from law to education.   Document management has never been easier with Medi Solutions.

Services Offered

Medi Content Management Solutions is the leader in document management and account automation, taking businesses into the digital world.  They offer several services to get your business in order.


  • Document Scanning: The service that has made them trusted for over 35 years, Medi can take those paper documents that are piling up and make them digital in one easy scan.  Converting paper documents into digital files makes an organization more efficient and manageable.  Medi offers a wide range of scanning equipment systems that can convert any type of file your business has.  This service promises absolute security and protection of your documents.
  • Accounts Payable Automation:  Medi offers state of the art software to swiftly scan, interpret, and validate invoice information guaranteeing your business is paid for their hard work.  AP automation provides one place for all of your invoices to be stored in one location making the approval process more efficient.  
  • Document Management and Integration: Once your documents are digitized, you can easily manage them with software provided by Medi.  We can also integrate the software into your current system eliminating another program to keep track of.


Contact Medi Content Management Solutions for document scanning and management services today!


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