New Website Launch: Mattress Peddlers

Mattress Peddlers

We’re happy to announce that Mattress Peddlers’ new website is up!

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Adventure Web family: Mattress Peddlers! As a local, family-owned Serta dealer since 1994, Mattress Peddlers have been helping the people of Delaware and surrounding areas get their best sleep. Mattress Peddlers offers anything you may need to get a good night of sleep, including quality Serta mattresses, pillows, bases, and even futons. Check out their website to find out more!

A Variety of Mattresses

Whatever needs you have regarding size or type of mattress, Mattress Peddlers is there to help. They offer the standard twin, full, queen, and king sized mattresses depending on what your needs may be. They also offer memory foam as well as traditional innerspring mattresses which may be the key in you getting a good night of rest. They also offer adjustable foundations to help with medical conditions or make watching TV easier than ever.

Other Sleep Needs

Mattress Peddlers doesn’t just stop at mattresses. They also offer sleeping furniture like futons, sleeping accessories like bed sets and pillows, and essentials like quality headboards. For locals, Mattress Peddlers, offer free shipping throughout their immediate area, which is part of their promise to give their customers the best experience possible. Work closely with the experts at Mattress Peddlers to figure out what you need to get back to getting quality sleep.

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