New Website Launch: Malden Solutions

Adventure Web Interactive is excited to announce the newest member of our ever-growing family: Malden Solutions.  With over 17 years of providing quality customer service to companies and individuals as a full-service insurance broker, Malden Solutions works with insurance companies personally to get you the best policies.  The direct-to-carrier agency has experience working with a variety of clients from employers needing benefits packages for their employees to families looking for an exceptional life insurance policy.  They strive to provide their customers with the best insurance packages to make sure they are covered in a variety of situations.  

Services Offered

Malden Solutions offers a wide range of services, so whether you are a Fortune 500 company or just an individual seeking life insurance, you can benefits from them in some way.  The full-service insurance broker specializes in employee benefits services and strives to offer company employees with packages that fit their personal needs.  If you are a business looking for benefit packages for your employees, you only have to contact Malden Solutions versus contacting individual insurance agencies.  Malden Solutions offers a variety of employee insurance packages ranging from HMO plans to disability and life insurance packages.  Malden Solutions also has insurance packages for individuals and families, including life and supplemental insurance plans.  The direct-to-carrier agency also supplies families and individuals with comprehensive disabilities insurance, so you will never have to worry about finances if you are involved in an accident.  


Contact Malden Solutions today if you are an employer looking for benefits for your employees!

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