New Website Launch: Lighthouse Updates

We’re excited to announce that another stellar web design was completed and we can unveil the work we did for Lighthouse Updates! Lighthouse Updates offers an innovative way for elderly people to keep up with loved ones via social media, even when they aren’t familiar with the technology. If you have a beloved parent, grandparent, or other loved one in a healthcare facility, Lighthouse Updates offers a simple way to keep in touch.

lighthouse updates

So how does it work?

Lighthouse Updates offers a unique platform that connects elderly people who are living in healthcare facilities with the people who love them. By connecting healthcare providers, patients, and their loved ones, Lighthouse Updates helps to maintain the bonds that are so important late in life.

To get started, all you have to do is to give Lighthouse Care Updates a call to begin the enrollment process for your loved one. Once enrolled, a profile is created that allows their caregiver to post updates on their care, whether that be via a status, photo, or video. Whenever an update is made, you receive an email directly to the address you provide. No need to download an extra app or manage another platform: Instead, keeping up with your loved one is as simple as checking your email.

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