New Website Launch: Life Mastery Center

life mastery centerAdventure Web is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website for Life Mastery Center! Life Mastery Center is a therapy center that helps those suffering from traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, and weight control issues. Learn more about Life Mastery Center and its new site below!

Life Mastery Center

Do you ever have negative thoughts? Negative thoughts can send you into a spiral that may feel impossible to escape. However, with proper therapy, you can learn how to identify these negative thoughts and behaviors and replace them with more positive thoughts and behaviors. Life Mastery Center offers specialized therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Dean Kirschner, owner and social worker at Adoption Makes Family, guides all individuals, couples, and families through the unique, specialized therapy that they need.

New Website

On the new website, you’ll be greeted by bright, happy images combined with information on the different programs that Life Mastery Center offers. A quick contact form and a map embedded at the bottom of the homepage make it easy for clients to reach out to Life Mastery Center. Tabs along the top of the page provide more detailed information on the individual, couple, and family services. Under the “therapy” tab are resources for clients to peruse. Check out the site to see more!

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