New Website Launch: Lewicky Law

Lewicky Law is the newest member of the Adventure Web family.

We are ecstatic to welcome the newest member of the Adventure Web family: Lewicky Law. Serving businesses and individuals throughout the great state of Maryland, Steven Lewicky is an attorney who has decades of experience helping a variety of businesses grow and succeed. In fact, the clients of Lewicky Law have benefitted from Mr. Lewicky’s excellent legal writing, research, and advocacy skills as well as his proven ability to work well with all his clients and opposing counsel.

Litigation And Arbitration

Mr. Lewicky has devoted a lot of time and energy into developing his fantastic trial practice skills in both state and federal court. As a result, his skills not only benefit all of his clients but also assist during any negotiation of possible settlement agreements, as well as throughout a variety of dispute resolutions.

Business Law, Commercial Law, And Real Estate Law

Mr. Lewicky fully understands what it takes to own and operate a business. In fact, his career includes years of business experience in management and in-house legal positions. As a result, Mr. Lewicky is dedicated to providing his clients with the best-personalized solutions to all their legal dilemmas.

Employment Law

All business will be confronted with employment issues at one point or another. In fact, Mr. Lewicky is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to helping companies with very complicated labor and employment laws. As a result, Mr. Lewicky has the wonderful ability to resolve employment disputes by assisting companies with managing their employment relationships.

Contact Steven Lewicky Today

If you are in need of legal services in Maryland, consider contacting Steven Lewicky today! Give him a call at 443-325-7888 and schedule an appointment today.

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