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Healthcare American websiteAdventure Web Interactive is happy to have Healthcare American on our team! The importance of having a comprehensive insurance plan goes without saying. Healthcare American consists of a group of proudly independent insurance brokers that specialize in creating insurance solutions on an individualized basis. Since Healthcare American consists of independent brokers, they can shop the nation’s leading insurance carriers to find the best insurance solutions that will undeniably fit the needs, wants, and lifestyles of their clients. Read on to learn some more about the services that Healthcare American offers.

Medicare and Supplemental Insurance

Healthcare American walks its clients through what options they have when utilizing Medicare insurance. Some plans go further than just offering Part B Medicare Insurance. Unfortunately, some Medicare plans do not cover supplemental benefits, so Healthcare American can help you find a way to cover those needs.

Speaking of supplemental benefits, Healthcare American will work to find you the best supplemental insurance plans that fit you and your team. Dental and vision insurance both fall under this category as well as group insurance for small to mid-sized employers. Because they are a full-service employee benefits firm, they take the weight off of human resource departments by leaving them with an employee enrollment benefits platform that is user-friendly and straightforward. Healthcare American also assists with payroll processes, making the payroll process smooth and manageable.

Life Insurance

Life is unpredictable, which is why having life insurance is crucial. Healthcare American shops the market to find the best life insurance policies, which includes these types of plans:

  • Term
  • Permanent and Whole
  • Universal
  • Final Expense

Healthcare American Helps Client Prepare for Retirement

Healthcare American teaches their clients how to fund their retirement by investing with annuities so that they can protect their retirement money from risks and not outlive their money. Being able to retire comfortably is a concern that many, if not all, Americans have. 

For all of your insurance concerns, you can count on Healthcare American and their insurance solutions. 

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