New Website Launch: Financial & Realty Services, LLC.

Financial & Realty Services

Adventure Web is so pleased to announce the newest addition to our family: Financial & Realty Services, LLC.!

Adventure Web Interactive is so pleased to announce the newest addition to our family: Financial & Realty Services, LLC.! FRS has been offering their clients exceptional services since 1991 in a variety of ways, including financial services, real estate, program management, and logistics. With a commitment to getting their clients where they need to be, they’ve helped corporate, non-profit, and government clients all become more effective and able to do what they want to. Let’s take a look at some of their services!

Financial Services

With a full team of expert certified financial consultants as well as licensed insurance brokers and agents, FRS offers some of the  best financial consulting services around. This includes program requirements, budget formulation and reviews, transaction processing, strategic financial planning, and financial reporting. They don’t just stop there however; they’ve partnered with some of the nation’s largest insurance companies in order to help design and implement cost-effective life, health, disability, accident, and retirement plans.

Real Estate Work

With more than three decades of experience in terms of operations, maintenance, capital improvements, and real estate brokerage services, you can be sure that you’re getting the best with FRS. No matter what your project is, FRS is able to help with designing and managing the construction process so you can ensure that the job is done right.

And More!

Financial & Realty Services, LLC. has much more to offer than this so be sure to head over to their brand new website to see what they can do for you! We’re happy to have them aboard and if you have corporate or government financial, realty, or other needs, be sure to look into their services.

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