New Website Launch: Filamatic

New Website Launch: Filamatic

Adventure Web would like to introduce you to our newest community member: Filamatic.

Adventure Web would like to introduce you to our newest community member: Filamatic. Filamatic is a global leader of the liquid packaging industry, and they are based here in lovely Baltimore. The company is a liquid filling, capping, and labeling equipment provider who uses specialized knowledge in the field to help businesses of all industries fulfill their needs! Read on to learn more about Filamatic and their services, then check out their brand new website!

About Filamatic

Since the founding of the company in the early 1950s, the Rosen family has led Filamatic to provide customers with customized liquid filling machines to help their businesses grow. It all started with AB-5 Benchtop filler, and today’s AB-5 model remains widely relied upon across several industries. Nowadays, Filamatic’s bevy of liquid-filling systems includes everything from single station machines to completely inline automatic filling solutions. They aren’t just interested in selling their machines to businesses, either. Their experienced team strives to provide customized equipment and optimized solutions to those requiring liquid filling services in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food & beverage, natural products industries, plus many more. 

Services Offered

In order to keep up their reputation as the leader of cutting-edge liquid filling, capping, and labeling systems, Filamatic offers a variety of ready-made and customizable solutions that make them a preferred partner to several industries. Their expert sales and support team can guide their clients into purchasing the right liquid filling machine for their product and scale of operations. This means lowering the cost of ownership for their clients’ businesses. You can also expect helpful and friendly support to service and maintain the machines post-sale. If none of the currently offered solutions is the exact right fit for your business, Filamatic’s design and engineering team will create and manufacture a customized solution!

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