New Website Launch: En La Calle Records

en la calle records We are happy to announce another addition to the Adventure Web family! En La Calle Records is a hip hop record label housed in Baltimore. With their unique group of very talented artists, they are taking on complex topics and rapping about their life experiences to share a heartfelt story of overcoming struggle. Would you like to learn more about En La Calle Records? Let’s take a look.

They are committed to giving voices to the voiceless.

We do not always live in a just world. Sometimes there is a lot of injustice. En La Calle Records seeks to explore those instances and speak out. They combine the lyrical and musical talents of their artists to show their audiences how life truly is living in Baltimore City. This type of work is very important not only to honor the lives of people living in times of injustice, but also for people who don’t know what’s really going on in the streets.

Join the En La Calle family.

If you have a hot mixtape that you want En La Calle Records should take a look at, then feel free to contact them. They can get you hooked up with an amazing set of talent that will take you to the next level. Hit them up at enlacallerecords@gmail.com.

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