New Website Launch: Elite Kitchens

elite kitchens

Elite Kitchens is a “word of mouth” kitchen and bath remodeling company.

We are pleased to announce another new website in today’s new website announcement! We redesigned the website for Elite Kitchens, a kitchen and bath remodeler that has been in the trade since 1983. They specialize in fine European cabinetry, including Leicht brand cabinetry, and are a “word of mouth” business. Read on to learn more about Elite Kitchens!

Leicht Cabinetry

Leicht is a premium cabinetry brand that is based in Germany. The high quality, attention to detail , and customization of Leicht cabinetry makes it one of the highest-scoring cabinetry brands in Europe. Elite Kitchens recognized the quality of Leicht brand cabinetry early and started carrying it 15 years ago. Now, Leicht cabinetry is highly sought-after and prized. If you are looking to create a kitchen with European elegance and high quality, look no further than Leicht.

What is a “Word of Mouth” Business?

Elite Kitchens is over two decades old. All that time in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry means that Elite Kitchens has earned a reputation for itself. Rather than spending money on cheesy advertisements, Elite Kitchens relies solely on the word of mouth from their satisfied clients. This means that Elite Kitchens goes the extra mile to make sure that all of its products are of the highest quality and all of its installers are highly-trained professionals. Because Elite Kitchens relies on the pure advertisement of word of mouth, you can trust that they will put every effort into making sure that every single customer is completely satisfied.

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