New Website Launch: Coastal Exteriors LLC

New Website Launch: Coastal Exteriors LLC

Today, we’d like to tell you about the newest addition to our client base. They’re called Coastal Exteriors LLC.

Adventure Web represents a unique family, and that family is always growing! Today, we’d like to tell you about the newest addition to our client base. They’re called Coastal Exteriors LLC. you can find their website at https://www.coastalexteriorsmd.com/! They specialize in repairing historic building facades, but they also strive to keep all buildings protected against structural damages. Let’s learn more about them

Materials and Buildings 

The original materials used to construct a building are integral to reflecting all the history that building has behind it. That’s why Coastal Exteriors is committed to making sure that integrity is restored and maintained no matter what time has done to the building. For that reason, they work with several specialty suppliers to ensure that period-accurate materials are being used for the restoration process. For example, mortar and cement testing will be thoroughly conducted to ensure the perfect match. Plus, ongoing partnerships with sourcing companies, architects, and general contractors represent another asset that Coastal Exteriors can make use of to serve you the best that they can.  

Services Provided 

Some of the services that Coastal Exteriors LLC can fulfill include historic restoration; brick restoration and repairs; stone restoration and repairs; concrete restoration and repairs; terracotta restoration and repairs; exterior building caulking services, and much more! 

Building Types Served  

Coastal Exteriors looks to serve as many clients and customers as they can – especially with a wide variety of building types served. For instance:

  • Monuments and memorials
  • Government and military facilities
  • Public buildings and schools
  • Hospitals and religious buildings
  • High-rise apartments and commercial buildings 


So if you need to contact Coastal Exteriors LLC, there is a Contact Us page on their main website, and alternatively, you can give them a phone call at 410-252-3411. If you’re more comfortable reaching out via email, then you can contact tedcoastal@verizon/net.  


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