New Website Launch: Cargo Logistics Group

Adventure Web Interactive is proud to announce the newest member of our ever-growing family: Cargo Logistics Group.  For 25 years, Cargo Logistics Group has been the leader in providing exceptional service to a diverse customer base.  The logistics solutions company is constantly evolving to meet the needs of their customers in an ever-changing marketplace.  Regardless of your industry, Cargo Logistics Group will be more than happy to handle any goods you need to export or import safely.

A Dedicated Company With High Values

When you partner with Cargo Logistics Group, they will align you with a professional who is highly trained and experienced in your specific industry.  The logistics solutions company works with businesses spanning a wide range of fields including the food and beverage industry, science labs, and tech companies.  Cargo Logistics Groups will transport your goods whether they are refrigerated goods or hazardous materials.  They are dedicated to cultivating a positive work environment and to provide excellent and memorable customer service.  If you need assistance with your exporting or importing needs, contact the professionals Cargo Logistics Group at 410-712-4455 or visit their website!

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