New Website Launch: Breslin, Young, & Slaughter, LLC

breslin, young & slaughter, llc

Breslin, Young, & Slaughter, LLC is the newest member of the Adventure Web family.

We are excited to announce the newest member of the Adventure Web Family: Breslin, Young, & Slaughter, LLC. Breslin, Young, & Slaughter, LLC was started back in 2001 by Amy Breslin and Brian Young.

How It All Started

Both Brian and Amy has experience and extensive knowledge when it comes to the commercial finance industry. In 2009, Breslin & Young expanded to broaden their healthcare knowledge by adding Duke Slaughter to their team. Since then, Breslin, Young, & Slaughter have been providing healthcare companies with the financial consulting that they need.

ABL Due Diligence

From pre-loan examinations to existing examinations, Breslin, Young, & Slaughter, LLC is your go-to source for the best healthcare financial consulting out there. With excellent focus and an extensive background in the industry, Breslin, Young, & Slaughter, LLC can provide your business with a unique insight into the complexities of the healthcare system and a thorough understanding of industry-specific impairments. Let Breslin, Young, & Slaughter, LLC leverage their experience to help your healthcare business grow.

Ability To Analyze Big Data

BY&S stands out from other healthcare financial consultants because they have the incredible ability to efficiently analyze large amounts of data sets that are often found within large healthcare organizations. Their ability to extract, compile, and analyze extensive data allows for accurate insight into the performance of all your clients’ collateral beyond analyzing the more readily-available global trends.

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