New Website Launch: Blue Engineering and Consulting

Blue Engineering and Consulting

Adventure Web is proud to introduce the newest addition to our family: Blue Engineering and Consulting!

Adventure Web is proud to introduce the newest addition to our family: Blue Engineering and Consulting! BLUE is a consulting firm that specializes in serving clients in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry. The service-oriented consultants work with their clients in all stages of development to ensure the design, safety, and compliance of their LNG systems are up to par. Take a look at the Blue Engineering and Consulting website and read on to learn more about what they offer!

LNG Engineering and Consulting Services

BLUE works with businesses of all sizes in the LNG industry to meet their engineering and consulting needs. BLUE offers owner’s engineering services, hazard analysis and siting studies, engineering design services, regulatory support, and fire protection engineering services. Navigating the world of LNG regulations, safety, logistics, and construction can be mind-boggling, but BLUE’s team of hardworking and knowledgeable consultants can help guide your project to completion.

The BLUE Difference

BLUE’s consultants are a team of focused, experienced, and innovative professionals who are always working to keep up with the ever-changing LNG industry. The business prioritizes excellent customer service, on-time and on-budget project completion, and flexibility. BLUE keeps the following three principles in mind throughout each project:

  • Develop engineering designs which are technically sound and operator friendly.
  • Protect developers interest and ensure public safety.
  • Enhance designs which result in reliability and safety benefits.

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