New Website Launch: Baywater Farms

We are excited to announce the newest member of our growing Adventure Web family: Baywater Farms.  Located in Salisbury, Maryland on a sixth-generation family farm, Baywater Farms is dedicated to -GMO and ecologically-friendly grown produce.  Their family owned and operated farm serves many communities and businesses stretching from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, all the way to the Eastern Shore.  Baywater Farms serves fresh and organic produce to people through a variety of different avenues including wholesale distribution companies, Eastern Shore farmer’s markets, and restaurants.  They are dedicated to growing high-quality heirloom produce to feed as many people as possible.



Non-GMO Heirloom Produce

Baywater Farms is passionate about growing and cultivating non-GMO heirloom produce in the same soil that their great-grandparents helped sustain and til.  They grow a wide range of produce, from heirloom cherry tomatoes to watermelon, through two methods.  Baywater Farms is revolutionizing farming by growing 24 acres of fresh produce in a ½ acre greenhouse.  They also grow their organic produce on their many acre outdoor fields.  All of their produce is untouched by any harmful pesticides and chemicals and is grown on healthy soil.  If you are interested in learning more about Baywater Farms or want to work with them, contact them online or at 443-783-4185.  

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