New Website Launch: Baltimore Washington Mat Service

baltimore washington mat service

Adventure Web Interactive is proud to announce another new site launch: Baltimore Washington Mat Service! A division of Lord Baltimore Uniform, Baltimore Washington Mat Service is an independently owned commercial mat rental service. The company rents out carpeted mats with standard or heavy duty rubber backing, and will provide logo mats, anti-fatigue matting, outdoor mats, scraper mats, kitchen/bar mats, as well as cleaning cloths, microfiber mops and towels, and paper and soap products.

Benefits of Keeping Your Floors Clean

Floor mats are for more than just decoration. To make a point that’s painfully obvious in the continuing aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas, a tremendous amount of the dirt in any given building is tracked in on the feet of its inhabitants. All that unsightly, white de-icing salt residue that’s been traipsed over your floors can be eliminated with quality floor mats. Additionally, floor mats boost safety by reducing the amount of water being tracked into the building on rainy or snowy days, thereby reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling.

Serving an expansive variety of industries, Baltimore Washington Mat Service has been providing such outstanding products and customer service that they boast a 96% customer retention rate from last year. Head on over to their site to see our handiwork and learn what they can do for you with their product and service.

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