New Website Launch: Atlantic Data Forensics

Do you love crime shows? At Adventure Web Interactive, we sure do which is why we were so excited to get to work on the new website for Atlantic Data Forensics. They’re a local e-discovery and cybercrime investigation firm that works tirelessly to fight hackers, uncover criminal activity in cyberspace, and testify on the witness stand to take criminals down. Check out their cool new website we designed and learn more about what they do in today’s launch blog, below.

Atlantic Data Forensics


Through the process of e-discovery, the cybersecurity experts at Atlantic Data Forensics can find out how employees have been spending their time on the company clock or uncover data that is stored on a secure server that is needed to bolster a criminal case. They are careful to use only defensible procedures so that their findings will be admissible in court (because there’s nothing worse in a crime show than a cold hard criminal who gets off due to a legal technicality).


If your network has been exposed to hackers, you need to act fast to identify and suppress the source of the data breach. The incident response team at ADF will use their expertise to effectively mitigate the effects of the security breach so that your most important data is protected.

Digital forensics

When a device such as a cellphone or laptop needs to be examined for data evidence, digital forensics is the solution. Using sophisticated analytics tools and software, the experts at ADF can capture the data you need to support your legal case.

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