New Website Launch: American Native Plants

Announcing the newest member of the Adventure Web Interactive family: American Native Plants.

Announcing the newest member of the Adventure Web Interactive family: American Native Plants. Founded in 1998, American Native Plants is dedicated to providing native plants to the Eastern United States in order to create more sustainable, diverse landscapes. Their nursery is conveniently located right in Middle River, Maryland and open year-round to provide their customers with whatever they need from their inventory of over 400,000 native plants, trees, and shrubs. They are constantly rotating and updating their stock to provide whichever plants will be most likely to thrive in a given environment. Are you curious about where your plants are coming from? We can give you that information for over 75% of our inventory.

For All Your Plant Native Needs

American Native Plants is a one-stop shop for your wholesale native plant nursery needs. They carry a variety of the plant species that are native to the 28 states that are east of the Mississippi River. They offer hundreds of varieties of native treesnative shrubs, and herbaceous native plants in addition to hard goods. For more information on their offerings, visit the Frequently Asked Questions pagecontact us pages on their website, or give them a call at 410-529-0552. To place an order and receive a quote, visit their Request a Quote page or fax 410-529-3883.

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