New Website Launch: Airpack


Come visit the Airpack website to see all they offer!

This week, we’re honoring the newest member of the Adventure Web family–Airpack!  Airpack works within all things packing, and is ready to tackle any packing need you have. They know how important it is to make sure your shipment gets to its destination as quickly as possible. Their services include lithium battery packaging, in-house packing solutions and consultations, packing of dangerous goods, consolidation and shipping services, mil-spec packing services, and on-site packing and certification. If you’re interested in what else Airpack can offer you, read on.

Who is Airpack?


Have you ever thought about how those dangerous chemicals and other hazardous goods end up on the shelves in stores? Even items as simple as paint thinners can present the possibility of a catastrophe. Airpack is there to make sure these good and transported efficiently and safely, without fear of complication or danger. Airpack works on a national level, but is localized in the Baltimore, Washington D.C., Anne Arundel County and Howard County areas. This localized warehouse means it is easy to access, wherever you may be.


The Airpack Difference


When it comes to packing and transportation, Airpack knows how to get the job done efficiently. One of the largest benefits that comes with working with Airpack is the knowledge that your package is safe and secure.  Airpack focuses on security, including their video surveillance, signature services, and digital photography so you can communicate information. Airpack knows how to safely transport packages, including yours. And, they deal with a wide variety of cargo–from fiberboard to anti-static materials to cryogenics, Airpack can do it all.


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