New Website: Florida Indian River Groves

New Website: Florida Indian River GrovesRecently, Adventure Web Interactive finalized a new website for Florida Indian River Groves. Adventure Web Interactive is happy to welcome Florida Indian River Groves into their ADVP family and is proud of what they have to offer you in the United States! Read more to find out what they are all about and check out their new website here!


Florida Indian River Groves is a fruit fundraising company that has been providing competitive fresh fruit products and fundraising services for decades. Their fresh citrus fruit, picked ripe from the Florida Indian River Groves, is a big winner when it comes to successful fundraising for your school, business, church, civic group, or non-profit. Decades ago, their founder Tom Knowles went to different schools sharing how he had a fundraising option and method that worked. Today, this fruit fundraising company has been helping thousands of groups raise thousands of dollars every year.

Fundraising Made Easy

They makes fundraising easy. Their delicious citrus fruits, apples, and gift packages are hard to refuse, and each fruit is picked fresh and immediately delivered via protective packaging. 

How does fundraising work? You have at least two options: you conduct all the sales with their helpful marketing materials and put in your total orders online. Then, you can either have them deliver every package to your supporters’ homes or ship it to you to deliver them yourself.

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