New Facebook Fan Pages: What To Do Before Your Page Gets Pushed Live

Just this week, Facebook officially announced its Timeline for Brand Pages. All Brand pages will be pushed live Friday March 30, 2012. This article will provide you information on how to prepare for the major transition. Get started now!

Upgrade Your Fan Page Layout

Your fan page will be more pleasing to the eye with a custom cover photo of your choice as its main attraction. Use your photo to display weekly specials your company is offering. Make sure the photo is captivating. Go to your fan page timeline and look for posts that have been working to attract fans and posts that have not been so interesting to your fans. Make the necessary adjustments so your fan page will be something supporters will want to share on their personal timelines. Yes, there is a share button that will directly put your posts on your fans’ pages (all with consent). You should share posts on your personal timeline as well.

Review Your Company’s History

On the timeline, Facebook will allow users to review your company’s entire social media history since your page was created. This included comments by fans, photos, and your status updates. Before your page is pushed live, make sure you review your company’s history and marked milestones. Some milestones you will see will be the date your company was founded, when you added new services or products, and when you added new staff.

This new feature is a great way to add personality to your fan page and show fans how your company has become the success it is today. Fans really enjoy knowing all about a company before buying or using products. Make sure your presence is attractive to your fans.

Remember, it is important to leave a strong visual impression for your visitors, this will give them a reason to come back to your fan page, as well as spread the word about your business to friends.

You are the face of your company.

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Source: Timeline for Brands: How to Prepare for Your Company’s New Facebook Page