It’s National Pet Day! Check Out Our Four-Legged Staff Members

Are you as excited about National Pet Day as Gabby’s cats Wilbur and Harvey?!

National Pet Day, April 11th, was founded in 2006 by Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige in an effort to celebrate the joy pets bring into our lives and raise public awareness about the many animals living in shelters and rescues around the world that are awaiting their forever homes.

Here at Adventure Web Interactive, our staff members have provided forever homes for several animals that have stolen our hearts and changed our lives for the better. As far as we’re concerned, having a pet makes returning home after even the longest work day that much sweeter. Check out our four-legged staff members below and learn about how you can adopt a pet in Baltimore today!

Our Wacky and Wonderful Pets at ADVP

Meet Gina’s dog Tinkerbell who is channeling her inner Rapunzel.

And Gina’s other dog, Shadow!

Meet Ben’s little cutie Sammy.

Meet Michelle’s rescue dog Taco who is skilled in lounging and opening doors without human help!

Tracy’s pup Hero is ready for a margarita.

Meet Colby, the love of Cathy’s life!

Meet Elisa’s cat Sherlock who is over here like, “What baby?”

Meet Prim – the sweet cat who keeps Coral warm when she doesn’t have a scarf handy.


Meet Katelyn’s cat Cody, who doesn’t quite understand personal space.

Meet Stephanie’s sweet rescue dog Nova.

Meet Tracy’s dog Bella, who likes to play dress up!

Meet Jim and Julie’s cuddly cat Buddy.

Meet Joyce’s pride and joy – Mr. Whiskers!

Meet Bobby’s happy pets Artemis and Rori!


Like most pets, Charlie’s dog Buddy is a part of his family!


Meet Amanda – who doesn’t yet have a pet but dreams of giving one a forever home one day. If you’re like Amanda, check out information about pet adoption services in Maryland!

Looking for Love? Pet Adoption Services in Maryland

If you are interested in rescuing one of the many animals that are in need of a loving home in Maryland, the time is now. Check out the following pet adoption services in Maryland:

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