Mobile Users Should Be a Big Concern For Your Marketing Strategy in 2016

While social media marketing and SEO are often seen as two sides of the same coin, it’s becoming more apparent that by focusing on integrating the two, the benefits can be enormous. As more and more Facebook users access the site via mobile phones, marketers are left with the opportunity to tailor their campaigns to use this fact to their advantage. Learn how to leverage your social media presence and increase your site’s traffic by focusing on mobile users in today’s blog.


Mobile Users Should Be a Big Concern For Your Marketing Strategy in 2016

Why do mobile users matter?

In a blog post published by Facebook’s Marketing Science team, the social media behemoth outlined the importance of catering to mobile users with your marketing campaign. Their report analyzed 23 independent studies and focused specifically on conversion lift rates. It noted that 45% of online shopping transactions included some kind of mobile action, and found that users often switch between channels and devices.

The report noted that using Facebook ads to broadcast landing pages resulted in a noticeable uptick in paid traffic coming from search sources. Both Facebook and Google have sought to embrace the burgeoning popularity of mobile access by implementing updates to search engines that help protect mobile users.

How can I target my marketing campaign to take advantage of mobile users?

In order to take advantage of mobile users, social media marketing strategies should be tweaked slightly to ensure that content is mobile-optimized. Ensure that your landing pages utilize responsive design so that users on mobile devices coming from your social media platform don’t become discouraged by an ill-formatted site.

Integrating your keyword strategy across platforms is another effective means of drawing viewers to your site. By instituting your shorter targeting keywords into your social media marketing, you’ll be exposed to a larger audience that can supplement your ad reach.

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