Mobile App Development: The Benefits Of A Business Mobile App

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In 2013, there is a big focus on mobile marketing. This is a good time for your business to invest in a business mobile app.

What is so great about mobile app development and a business mobile app?

For one, your business can increase the intimacy between your business and customers. Consumers can spend up to 23 hours a day using mobile devices. A business mobile app can help you spread the reach of your brand and message online and offline.

The great thing about a business mobile app is that you can alert consumers of specials, giveaways, coupons and discounts provide them at the drop of a dime via push notifications. On a mobile device these push notifications will alert mobile users on their main screen and increase the readability of your brand and message 97% on a daily basis.

Push notifications have increase added value in a way SMS texting and email marketing cannot do. Push notifications is highly cost effective.

Another great benefit of a business mobile app is two-way communication. You can have a mobile app developer create a link on the app that allows customers to forward testimonials and watch or read the testimonials of other customers.

If you have good products and services, you will be happy to display testimonials as proof of your quality work – photos, videos and reviews alike.

Here are some other great features your business mobile app can include:

  • Tap to call for instant order or customer support.
  • GPS mapping to help consumers locate your business on the go.
  • Direct links to social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

How do you find a good mobile app developer?

You can find one at Adventure Web Productions. A business mobile app can help your business tap into revenue streams you could have never imagined – from smartphones to tablets you will become part of the lives of consumers.

Smartphone and tablet users on average use a retail app to shop at least once a month (report from Nielsen).

Adventure Web Productions mobile app developers will help your business learn how to make money from your business mobile app and more importantly successfully reach out to your target audience on a daily basis.

We will test your app prior to releasing it to the app stores and public.

Learn about Adventure Web Productions’ mobile app development today.

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