Millennials and Facebook: How Can You Reach Them?

Garnering the attention of the younger generations used to be simple, but the usage of social media and technology has complicated the issue.

Many marketers have struggled for the last few years with the issue of connecting with millennials.  Garnering the attention of the younger generations used to be simple, but the usage of social media and technology has complicated the issue.  To make things even more tangled, social media sites vary rapidly in terms of popularity.  What is popular one year may fall by the wayside the next, which results in less millennials seeing what marketers produce.  So, what’s your solution?  How can you reach millennials?  Read on to find out.

Bridging the Generational Gap


Most business owners these days are not millennials.  Older generations know how to advertise to their own age, for the most part; although, millennials don’t use Facebook as much as their older counterparts.  In a recent survey, it was found that, between the ages of 18 to 34, only 41% of people used Facebook every day.  It was found, however, that 49% of people 35+ years of age used Facebook as their main social media platform.  Facebook was found to be the most popular social media platform among both millennials and non-millennials, but it’s obvious that Facebook marketing content would reach less millennials in general.  


How to Market Towards Millennials


So, how do you get the attention of the millennials who do use Facebook?  Well, it has been discovered that less millennials react to traditional marketing.  Millennials react to interactive marketing, where they feel a part of the situation.  For example, asking questions on daily Facebook posts encourages them to engage and give their own opinion.  Millennials also react poorly to being insulted, which happens more frequently than you may think.  Telling younger generations that their way of life is ruining the world is not going to be an effective marketing technique.  Since so many millennials use their smartphones to browse the internet and shop, it’s important to keep up with mobile websites; your content should also be accessible by mobile devices, so any links you provide should have mobile site counterparts.


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