Microsoft Makes the Move to Buy LinkedIn

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Our clients use LinkedIn as a way to share their blog posts and new information that pops up within their business circle.

As one of our most-used social media outlets, LinkedIn has been a staple in Adventure Web’s blogosphere.  It truly is the Facebook of business–it is one of the best ways to get in touch with your clients, peers and rivals in your industry.  Our clients use LinkedIn as a way to share their blog posts and new information that pops up within their business circle.  Just today, Microsoft has made the move to buy LinkedIn.  Read on to find out about changes that may affect you.

A change in management?
Jeff Weiner will remain the CEO of LinkedIn, and was fully supportive of the decision.  Both LinkedIn and Microsoft claim that this has been a mutual choice, and that the move has been upheld unanimously.  Any change in management probably won’t directly affect the customer, but it is something to keep in mind as we move forward.
Why Microsoft?
It appears Microsoft is interested in using LinkedIn for part of their Microsoft Office 365 program.  This makes sense–along with Word, Office, Excel and Powerpoint, Microsoft adding social media to the list will be an interesting addition.  In fact, social media seems to be the one thing Microsoft is truly missing.  As one of the longest-standing companies within the technological industry, it feels about time.
Why LinkedIn?
No other social media site made strictly for business is quite as popular.  With over 400 million members, LinkedIn has global power.  They essentially run the social media industry of the business world.  It makes sense for Microsoft to choose a website that already has competent management and staff.  If they only work to improve the site, they will most certainly see a positive revenue.
The decision is going to be enacted after the end of this year, when LinkedIn will give their final independent reports.  While still being subject to approval by LinkedIn shareholders, Reid Hoffman, who is the leading shareholder and co-creator of the company, fully supports Microsoft’s action to move forward with the transaction.
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