New Website Launch: Lord Baltimore Uniforms

Lord Baltimore UniformsWelcome to another launch from the Adventure Web team!  Today’s launch is about Lord Baltimore Uniform & Linen Rental, an independently owned company. This company has been in business for more than thirty years and has provided uniform rental services to businesses in Maryland, Washington, DC, northern Virginia, southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Want to know more about this independent company? Well, here it is!

More than Just Rental Uniforms

Yes, Lord Baltimore Uniforms can provide your personnel with a professional appearance without having to constantly purchase and launder their own garments. But they are much more than a uniform rental service. Lord Baltimore Uniform also provides uniforms for lease and purchase. They will heat seal labels into every garment to keep track of the employee’s information as well as size and the date of pick up. They will repair and replace the garment if there is damage at no extra cost. If an employee leaves the company, your company does not lose out of any money when the garments are returned. If you are interested in purchasing uniforms for your employees, they can provide all garments you will need with your corporate logo printed or stitched into the shirt. Lord Baltimore Uniforms also provides towel, apron, and chef jacket services as well. From bar towels and dishtowels to wait staff aprons and chef coats, your staff will look amazing in these rented and freshly laundered garments. You won’t have to worry about messy appearances with Lord Baltimore Uniform around!

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