Are Long Tail Keywords Effective?

long-tail-keywordsSo what do we mean when referring to long tail keywords. As you already know, keywords are those used when producing web content to search engine optimize a site’s page. They are riddled throughout blog posts, web pages, and articles. Chosen based on extensive research to determine hot topics that everyone is googling, keyword-rich copy on popular subject matter attracts a ton of web traffic! Getting your web pages to show up on the google’s first search results page is a major accomplishment. Lately, however, more and more people are using long keywords to find what they need.The length of what they’re googling has increased. They might type in a question in the search bar, or look for something extremely specific. Search clarification like added emotional triggers, technical terms, or compared features and prices have become the new long tail keywords. For example, instead of searching ‘best water bottle,’ people are now searching ‘best camelbak 750 mL water bottle.’ Read on if you’d like to learn more about how long tail keywords will help your online marketing presence.

Exploring Social Media

Long tail keywords are only effective if they’re popular search content on the internet. So, how do you find out if they are? Checking out all social media forums to see trending topics of conversation are is extremely helpful. Search that long tail keyword you’re curious about on twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, and see if you get worthy results. If it looks pretty barren, it’s probably best not to use it. Looking for how a specific product or service you provide might rank on google? Use vague search terms via popular social media forums, first, to find out what’s trending. Once you have a list of search results from your short keyword, look at how people are qualifying it. Qualify it in the same way people are discussing it and they’ll come to your web page in droves. 

Using Long Tail Keywords As Questions

More and more people, especially older generations, are finding it convenient to simply ask google questions to find answers. Google has created adequate results possible, now, because of this search method’s prevalence. Answerthepublic.com is a great tool to see the questions the world is asking. You can limit your search engine questions to a specific country, and simply type in your products and services to see what people are wondering about! For example, if you own a dental practice and want to bring traffic onto your website, searching ‘wisdom teeth’ may yield results such as ‘When is it time to get your wisdom teeth out?’ If you’re frequently producing content that fuels most people’s curiosity, your website will win a ton of hits! Make your blog’s title a question, and people will surely click on it to find the answer to the exact question they’ve asked.

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