How to Prevent Your Marketing Emails from Landing in Spam

When it comes to email marketing, the concern is that you can put a lot of work into your emails just for no one to read them. The best way to avoid that predicament is to make sure that your emails are getting into your customer’s inbox and not their spam folders. Avoiding these mistakes can help you make sure that people are reading your marketing emails.

Mistake 1: “Spamming”

Although the word for junk emails came from a certain canned meat product, the act of spamming someone ties to video games terminology, and means to excessively bombard an opponent with hits. Just like in video games, if you are trying to win at marketing then it might make sense to send out as many emails as possible to as many addresses as you can get your hands on, but that would be a big mistake. Lost of repeat emails will put your address into most people’s spam folders at best and might get you marked for harassment at worst.

Mistake 2: Sounding Like Spam

Take a skim through your spam folder and you will quickly get the idea that all spam emails have the same kind of tone. Either there are way too many exclamation points or outlandish claims or promises, like making you a millionaire overnight or your response is a matter of life or death. When you are crafting your own marketing emails you want to avoid language that makes you sound like spam because many browsers are now trained to filter out these messages when they find certain keywords.

Mistake 3: Bought In Lists

It can be tempting to purchase a ready-made list of emails to send your marketing to, but these types of situations prey on both you and potential customers. You never know what you’re getting with these email lists, there could be some emails that will automatically identify you as a spammer. More importantly, you want to collect emails through building customer relationships. If people you never had previous contact with start getting your emails out of the blue then it weakens your credibility. Not to mention most people don’t like the idea of third parties making money off of their information, and if they realize that you bought their email on a list you could lose a prospective customer.

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