How to Make Your Website More Appealing

Good Web DesignWith so much content competing for attention on the web, it’s hard to know how to draw people to your website. When planned out properly, a website can be a pleasing and entertaining place where potential clients will spend lots of time. If not well-structured, a website can be a confusing eyesore that prompts even the most diligent person to leave. Make sure you know the tricks to making your website appealing, and you’ll see the result in your hit counter!

Negative Space

There’s a certain zen quality about negative space; that’s the open, black space that surrounds something. A website with a lot of blank space can draw the eye to the most important parts of the page. We’re not saying your page shouldn’t have any content. Just that the content on your website should be carefully chosen and organized, rather than having all your info on one flashy, cluttered page. Think of the cheap magazines at the checkout line in the grocery store. Every topic in each issue is advertised on the front page in bright colors and bold text. It might be good for briefly catching people’s attention, but most people flip through the pages, then place it back in the rack when it’s time to pay. Your website should be like a beautiful book, not a flimsy magazine. A well-designed book has its essential title and image on the front, with an organized table of contents inside for further reading. Layer your website with tabs and pages, and use negative space to keep your home page from feeling like a cluttered magazine cover.

Use the Right Colors

Bright colors can be used effectively, but it’s easier to make your website look like a cheap billboard rather than an Andy Warhol painting. Using neutral tones and limiting yourself to around three colors is a surefire way to achieve a sleek, professional-looking website. Bright colors look great when they’re utilized as an accent color against a neutral background. If you put bright accents in the right places, you’ll be able to direct the eyes of every visitor to the places on your site you want them to look at. Color choice can also help to set the tone of your website. Do you want people to feel calm when they are on your website? Try a color palette of cool tones like blue, white, and grey. Want people to feel excited when they’re on your website? Try a color palette of warm tones, like red and yellow with blue accents. Color choice can dictate the emotions a person associates with your product, so choose wisely!

Make it Intuitive

Having tabs that separates your information into categories is a good idea for any website. When organizing your website, think about everything a customer would look for when visiting. Everything on your website should be easy to find. This includes even the most basic features of the website! We’re talking search bar, RSS feed, and contact info. If you have to jump through hoops to find something on your blog, consider redesigning it to make it less involved. An appealing, intuitive design is one of the best ways to market your company!

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