How to get more Facebook Likes

How to get more Facebook LikesThis is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius Social Media. Companies of all shapes and sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to local plumbers – are flocking to Facebook. Have you created a Facebook profile for your business? If not, you are quickly falling behind the competition. A recent study found that people spend, on average, 22% of their time online on these types of social networking sites.

Social media can be a great tool for your business and every company has its own objectives:

  1. Drive customers to your store to increase sales
  2. Launch new products
  3. Interact with your customers/clients in a more intimate way than ever before.
  4. Increase brand awareness
  5. And More!

What is your goal for being on Facebook? How are you doing so far? Remember, it is not enough to just have a Facebook profile (that’s the easy part); you must also gain a following…build an audience…get more Facebook likes. This is where many companies struggle and eventually give up. Without Facebook likes, you can never hope to drive traffic to your website. Without Facebook likes, you can never hope to turn that traffic into qualified leads. Without Facebook likes, you can never hope to turn those leads into customers.

How to get more Facebook Likes

  1. It is important to make sure your profiles are properly filled out, especially the About section. This information will be indexed by search engines and help attract people to your Facebook profile.
  2. If you have a list of existing contacts, invite them to like your Facebook page with an email blast. It never hurts to ask for positive reviews too!
  3. You can also utilize the “Build Audience” feature on Facebook business pages. This allows you to invite your personal friends to like your business page, share your page with your Facebook friends, or upload a list of email contacts.
  4. Incorporate social media into your existing online and offline marketing campaigns.
  5. If you have the budget to do so, Facebook advertising is an excellent option.
  6. Finally, it is important to create value. By this, we mean posting relevant and useful information on your Facebook page. It is not enough to simply have a profile. You want your customers/clients to keep coming back for more!

Adventure Web Interactive can help!

Adventure Web Productions will develop and maintain a custom social media campaign for you that will help your company brand awareness, establish a community of followers, and help increase your organic SEO. Our custom Social Media campaigns include a custom-skinned blog, weekly blog posts, social media business profiles, and weekly posts to those profiles.

If you have any questions about How to get more Facebook Likes, please contact Adventure Web Interactive by calling (410)-788-7007 or by clicking here today! For more information about web development, contact Adventure Web Productions now!


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