How to find your target audience with online marketing

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Do you need to yield sales faster and more frequent for your business? Then it’s time to identify where your existing customers and potential customers spend their time on the World Wide Web.

For most businesses, consumers now spend most of their time on social media networks. This is the perfect time for your business to develop an online marketing strategy that correlates with your company’s advertisement efforts. The average Internet user spends 16% to 25% of their time browsing social media networks (typically the average social media user spends 15-30 minutes everyday using social media). That means your business should have content marketing performed on social media platforms and email marketing.

The most successful online marketing campaigns are ones that truly resonate with the target audiences and make the consumers enjoy conversing with your brand. You can help your brand marketing resonate with your target audiences by providing them useful information focused on hot topics in your industry and how your products/ services can benefit them. The reason you want to discuss hot topics in your industry is to make your business brand a trusted, creditable leader in your industry.

To make your online marketing as easy as possible, you need to find out which social networks your target audiences spend most of their time and you need to make sure your company can be discovered on these sites.

Here are ways you can reach your target audience better through social media:

  1. Add video. About 100 million Americans watch online videos daily (that’s 1/3 of the U.S. population). You can use the online videos to generate more traffic to your business website.
  2. Make a strategy for attracting B2C target audiences and a separate one for B2B target audiences.
  3. Use engaging images related to your industry, products and services.

You will not reap the benefits of online marketing if you have no idea where to spend your money and where your target audiences spend time.

Adventure Web Productions is here to help you get to know your target audiences better, find out where your competitors have set shop on the web/ how they use social media, and effectively monitor your business profiles through our social media marketing, email marketing and SEO services.  To put it simple, we are here to help your business sustain a competitive edge through effective online marketing.

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