How QR Codes Can Effectively Leverage Your Restaurant Business

Do you run your own restaurant? If yes, you can bring traffic to your restaurant and physical location with QR Codes. In this article you will find three great reasons why your restaurant should start using QR Codes today to benefit the growth of your business.

QR code is one of the leading methods to increase your restaurant’s customer traffic through mobile commerce.

QR code is a very useful tool for restaurant owners who are looking to augment their customer experience with speedier transactions and timely information.

You can use QR Codes for your takeout menus, dine-in menus and your real world business advertisement.

In today’s world of mobile technology, QR Codes can be effectively leveraged in your restaurant to improve the overall dining experience for your consumers and yourself. Follow these three tips to benefit from QR Codes:

Mobile  Food Ordering

When customers are able to order food from their smart-phones, it makes your restaurant convenient to them. They are more likely to purchase food from your restaurant when they can easily discover you through mobile technology. Add QR Codes to your takeout menu to create a digital interactive ordering experience for your customers. This will prompt customers to complete takeout ordering online and be able to have the order scanned at the point-of-sale.

Use QR Codes On Social Media

Text-based menus are going out of style. Visually appealing menus are in style. People like to see what they plan on ordering before ordering.

You can offer this option to your customer by strategically placing on your dine-in menu QR Codes to give additional information to your consumers. Allow the QR codes to lead to photos of your dishes with the names of dishes under the photos.

List your menu with visuals on your social media and encourage your fans to share throughout their social media networks.

Mobile landing pages are great to have with your QR codes because your restaurant takeout menu, hours, contact information, map and directions can be available to customers right in the palm of their hands. You can also add special offers and feedback forms with QR codes to give a mobile-optimized experience to customers.

Diverse QR Code Applications

There are QR code Applications for all types of restaurants – fine dining, casual dining, fast food and food trucks.

For a fine dining restaurant you can use a QR code in a city guide advertisement that can lead to the restaurant’s online reservations system and photos of the restaurant.

If you have a fast food restaurant, you could your QR code to your table tent advertisement that will lead to a special promotion for all consumers who enter their mailing address.

With food trucks, add a QR code to the side of your vehicles to allow customers to skip the line if they order and pay their meals through their smart-phones.

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Source: 4 Ways Restaurants Should Use QR Codes