How Do I Market to an Audience of Non-Millennials?

Depending on your industry, your content may not be of interest to millennials.

Depending on your industry, your content may not be of interest to millennials. Studies and statistics have shown that millennials are starting their careers and families later in life than older generations did. Therefore, you need to delve deep into who your target audience is. If your small business is all about landscaping services, then this may not appeal to a person fresh out of college. There are countless ways that you can tailor your content and social media marketing, even when your target audience consists of non-millennials or older adults. We’re going to tell you precisely how. Keep reading! 

Use Relatable Language

Marketing to any demographic, regardless of age, requires clarity. However, we use that word loosely. What may be clear to one age group may not be apparent to another. So, you have to make sure that your content is relevant. Millennials have a knack for understanding pop culture references while these references may go entirely over an older adult’s head. Popular Internet slang may not work in your favor. It may also make you seem less credible. 

Understand the Needs of Your Target Audience

Millennials and older adults wanting the same products and services isn’t rare. However, the reasoning may be different. For example, millennials may want to buy a pair of tennis shoes because they’re trending on social media. However, an older adult typically picks a specific attire for comfort. Once you understand the why behind purchasing decisions, then you can effectively tailor your message and content with that in mind. 

Build Trust

If you’re dealing with an audience that hasn’t used the Internet for most of their lives, then they may be skeptical about giving their information away. You can build trust by explaining why you need their specific data and making sure that your communication practices showcase compassion and care.

Be Aware of How You Use Social Media

Adults aged 50-64 use Facebook. 41% of adults 65 and up use Facebook as well. Facebook’s design is more straightforward than most other social media platforms. It’s also vital to look at different demographics, broken up into segments. For example, women love Pinterest. Does your target audience consist of a lot of women? Then you may want to devise a plan for how you can introduce Pinterest to your older, female adult clients, and customers. 

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