How Color Can Help Enhance Your Business Marketing

The Benefits of Color For Business Marketing.

Color plays an important role in our visual perception as it influences our reactions to things around us. Basic understanding of color perception and psychology in graphic and web design will be very useful to create effective designs to achieve desired response of audiences. Particulars about the effects of different colors and their appropriate applications are briefly given below.

Color Effects Where to use
Red Most dynamic color. Powerful and stimulating For depicting designs that portray power or passion
Orange Vibrant and energetic while being friendly and inviting For designs depicting movement and energy without being overpowering
Yellow Happy, warm, stimulating and expansive To give an impression of happiness and cheerfulness.Can be used for designs concerning children
Green Calming, balancing and rejuvenating. Represents stability To represent balance and harmony in design. Darker shades for stability and affluence
Blue Dependability, trustworthiness and security. Also calmness and spirituality Dark blues for corporate and business. Light blues for calmness and friendliness
Purple Nobility, abundance and dignity. Also for creativity and imagination Darker shades for wealth and luxury. Softer shades associated with spring and romance
Black Power, elegance and modernity. Can also characterize mysteriousness For background along with brighter and accent colors
Grey Neutrality and calmness For background
White Clarity, cleanliness, hope, openness, sterility and simplicity For background
Cream/ivory Calmness, elegance and purity Used as backdrop along with textures
Tan/beige Conservatism and piety Used as backdrop along with textures
Brown Wholesomeness and reliability Used as backdrop along with textures


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