How can I become a better business leader through Social Media Event Marketing?

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2014 is a New Year, new start. If you want to become a better business leader, there’s no better time than the present.

What will make you an excellent business leader in 2014? The answer might surprise you but having an effective online marketing plan and strengthening the 4 skill sets below can have you on your way:

  • Be good at quickly acknowledging business opportunities and threats. Learn how to effectively assess your business environment. Do you need to implement a leadership development program to reduce work environment anxiety about industry transformations?

  • Create a marketing strategy that helps your employees manage business products better. The plan should focus on budgeting, operational cost, and resource allocation. You also need to identify how you will maximize the potential of your workers through proper scheduling and well-organized business structures. It’s important to manage quality and risk as well.

  • Promote strategic thinking to inspire workers to be innovative employees. Innovative business programs, products and services will help you build trust within your organization and with consumers.
  • Establish leadership programs for your employees to help supervisors keep your staff united and well organized. According to SocialMediaExaminer.com, only 36% of companies in America believe they are prepared to fill a leadership role when vacancies occur.

Once you develop these leadership skills, you can focus on your online marketing, specifically social media marketing.

Social media platforms will give your company the opportunity to directly interact on a regular basis. Your social media engagement will help you further your sales and marketing goals simply by connecting with your target audience.

Here is a list of ways you can improve your brand awareness  with social media marketing in 2014:

  • Use Google+ for focus group discussions. By having a monthly focus group discussions on Google+, you can receive invaluable customer feedback. For example, your customers and prospects could identify ways your company can capture a larger share of the industry market. Product webinars are very popular on Google hangouts.
  • Utilize Facebook events. If you’re having a company kickoff, create a Facebook event. If you’re supporting a fundraiser or cause, create a Facebook event. You don’t even need to have a live event all the time. You could launch a Facebook event to introduce a new product or service. When consumers join your Facebook events, they can receive mass messages of your business announcements and share your event with friends, family and their overall network.
  • Host real-time social networking events. Consumers will attend your events based on your common interest with them. Don’t miss the opportunity to hold fun and informative events throughout the year.

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