Hiring a Web Development Company: Do Client Testimonials Matter?

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If you are looking for a web development company that you can trust, take a look at our client testimonials and trust in our long-term reputation for delivering success!

If you are a company or brand owner who is looking to attract more positive attention to your product or services, an incredible website can drastically enhance your ability to drive sales and outlast your competitors. That being said, a poorly designed website (or no website at all) can bury your business and drive it into the ground.

Hiring a professional web development company can put your business back on the map and contribute to its long-term success. Let’s discuss factors to consider when hiring an effective web development company and the importance of client testimonials. Yes, they matter!

What to Consider When Hiring a Web Development Company

An effective web development company will consist of a team of talented web designers, web developers, writers, and social media gurus. The team should offer extensive technical knowledge about the needs of your project and be proficient in the best practices regarding search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and various social media channels. The web development company should also have a reputation for excellent customer service, client engagement, and clear communication regarding the precise costs of their services.

Why Client Testimonials Matter

What a company’s past clients have to say about their experience and success can go a long way in contributing to your decision. A company with several success stories under their belt will likely deliver more effective web solutions than a start-up that is offering web development services at a discounted rate. You should do your research and find a web development company that has rave reviews from various types of businesses and offers extensive knowledge and expertise to its clientele. Check out a few testimonials from our happy clients at Adventure Web Interactive:

  • “WOW! We have already begun to experience the impact of the SEO/the new design as clients are referencing that they ‘found us on Google and selected Teltek because we had the most appealing website’ in their search.” – Teltek
  • Our new website has photography, video and music all arranged by your company! And the new email marketing program makes my ability to contact my clients simple and professional. The entire package is wonderful” – Da Mimmo Finest Italian Cuisine
  • “Based on our evaluation of our website, and the various associated search engine optimization services that you provide us, these have proven to produce greater results than any of our other means of advertising. In fact, your company’s services produce more and better results than all of our print, radio and direct mail campaigns combined.” – Mark Downs Office Furniture

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