3 Small Companies That Get Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an absolute must for companies that want to be successful. It is about being creative and positioning your brand in the right way.

By Alexis Caffrey

Digital marketing is an absolute must for companies that want to be remembered and successful. Companies, especially smaller organizations must connect with potential customers in a thoughtful and compelling manner. Through social media, sponsorships, and cause marketing, small companies have made a big name for themselves. To find out how a few small companies have made the most of digital marketing, read on.

Social Media

CarMax has done a fantastic job of taking advantage of social media and community engagement to promote its brand. CarMax recently partnered with KaBOOM! on a city-wide community playground project. The company has used digital marketing to their advantage by creating an entire website dedicated to their foundation.

Along with the website, CarMax created a CarMax Foundation Twitter account to engage with the cities where they are building playgrounds in, the associates assisting with the build and loyal customers interested in the initiative. The engagement on Twitter has gained CarMax more than 1,600 followers, a spot on the TODAY show, and an incredible reputation.


Another small company that has thrived in the digital marketing arena is LeafFilter™. LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards proudly sponsors Blake Koch, a member of the TriStar Motorsports driver team. Koch currently pilots the No. 8 Toyota Camry stock car for the NASCAR XFINITY Series.

LeafFilter™ has used its top position in the gutter protection industry as well as its loyal customer base to back its creation of its LeafFilter™ Racing website, which is dedicated to the company’s NASCAR sponsorship. Then, they began to build out a LeafFilter™ Racing social media presence to increase the size of their audience and customer base. LeafFilter™ utilized the digital marketing frame of mind to create a website solely dedicated to LeafFilter™ Racing in order to drive traffic from a potential untapped audience.

Cause Marketing

Aside from social media and sponsorships, cause marketing is a great way to take advantage of digital marketing. The Smile Generation proves this by using their network of 400 dental offices in 14 states to not only drive traffic to their website, but also to raise over $2 million for their charity, charity: water.

The Smile Generation utilizes social media and cause marketing to connect with their current and prospective patients. On The Smile Generation website, customers are asked to share their feedback on the charity and organization via Facebook and Twitter.

Get Creative and Optimize Your Brand

As you can see from CarMax, LeafFilter™, and The Smile Generation, digital marketing is truly about being creative and positioning your brand in the right way. Whether it is done through social media, sponsorships or cause marketing, it’s vital to utilize digital marketing to take your business to the next level.

About the Author:

Alexis Caffrey is a freelance writer with a focus on marketing and social media. She welcomes your feedback and questions via email.