Growing Your Small Business By Answering Customer Questions Online

Any customer weighing a purchase is sure to have a few questions before they make the decision to buy. By answering common customer questions online through content marketing, you can become a source consumers trust for reliable information. In doing so, you build relationships with customers that translate to the growth of your small business. Learn more about how this process works in our blog!


Growing Your Small Business By Answering Customer Questions Online

Think about the last 5 searches you made online. Chances are good that at least one was a question concerning a purchase you’re thinking of making. Now think about whether or not you found the answer you were looking for, and where you found it.

Usually what happens is you find a forum where other consumers have asked and answered the question you searched. How often do you find the information for on the website of a company that sells the product or service you’re interested in? Most likely, not as frequently.

Why is this? Usually, companies are more concerned about telling you about themselves, and why you should choose them. And while this is important, it leaves a lot of people who are looking for information hanging.

Content Marketing

This is where content marketing comes in. Content marketing is the idea of creating written, audio, and visual content that answers questions and gives information that consumers in your target market look for. You create this content, it goes out online, consumers find it, and come to your site to get the answers they’ve been looking for.

How does content marketing help you grow your small business?

Content marketing helps you grow your small business in a number of ways.

First, a proportion of the customers who find the answers they’re looking for on your site will be more inclined to make their purchases from you.

Second, the content will help drive more traffic to your site. Search engines recognize a high volume of traffic to a site as a sign that searchers are finding what they’re looking for on that site. This in turn causes the search engine to rank your site higher, as the traffic gives your site more authority. The higher you rank, the more views you get, and the more potential you have to convert. And so the cycle continues!

What else is so great about content marketing?

One of the best things about content marketing (in addition to what we’ve already talked about) is that it’s more affordable than some other online marketing strategies, such as PPC. To learn more about content marketing through blogging, contact Adventure Web Interactive! Our bloggers do content marketing for clients across a wide variety of industries in the Baltimore metro area and beyond. Contact us today, or call 410.788.7007!