All About Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

Learn all about mobile first indexing.

The internet is an ever-changing place and is currently dominated by the all-mighty Google.  The web giant constantly updates its search engine to serve the needs of its users.  Google’s latest update caters specifically to mobile device users and will shape user’s search engine results.  Google is implementing the updates gradually, and it will affect your company’s SEO ranking.

A Rundown on Mobile-First Indexing

The way Google formulates its search engine results can be a complicated concept, but we will try to break it down for you.  According to an article from Socialmediatoday.com, a leading resource on social media marketing (click here to read), Google is constantly collecting information on websites you visit, known as an index, and uses it to create and display the order of search engine results.  Until now, Google viewed web pages through the eyes of the desktop user and treated mobile users as a secondary index.  With the update, the mobile versions of webpages are the main way Google is indexing sites.  So, Google’s algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages on a search engine list.

Impact of the Update

Companies now have to make sure the mobile and desktop versions of their websites are similar.  If your mobile site has less information than your desktop version, the mobile site will be used as the primary version and will have a negative impact on users.  When they search anything related to your company, the less updated version of your website will appear.  So it is important to focus on the mobile version of your website and make sure it is “mobile-friendly.”  According to an article by Forbes.com (click here to read), a mobile friendly site allows a user to navigate it easily without having to zoom-in to read text.  It also makes sure that all pieces of the site load correctly.  If you do not have a mobile version of your website, it is vital that you create one in the near future.  Once you have created your mobile version, add and verify it with Google.  According to an article from the Huffington Post, (click here to read), you can run your website through a test to see if it is mobile-friendly.  The article goes through multiple steps to make your website easy to use for mobile users.  

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