Google’s instant improvement

As Google continues to maintain its status as top search engine against Microsoft’s Bing engine, it continues to innovate with new features.  First it added value by supplying search term suggestions as users typed.  Now, Google is taking the next step and is testing out delivering instant search results as users type.

As this Reuters article points out, Google is in such an early stage of testing instant search results that it’s not even confirming that the feature is in the works. Nevertheless, there’s sufficient evidence that testing is in progress and acknowledgment from experts that instant search results will further separate Google from the pack.  The feature requires so many resources on the back end that Google will have to strain to deliver it and its competitors will find it impossible to match it.

Will we see a new level of paid search options that companies will use to appear in instant searches?  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, you can expect Google to continue to innovate.