Google Maps Adds Q&A Section For Places

Google Maps

Google Maps has added even more functionality and is even more useful to business owners.

Google Maps was already built-in with a review system that allows users to take to their phones and type up reviews of local businesses, but they’ve recently expanded the utility of Maps to include a question and answer function. Got a question about whether or not a local restaurant can cater to your specific allergy needs? Take to Maps to ask them! This isn’t just great for users, but also offers business owners a number of potential benefits.

More Accessible Branding

This is a great way for business owners to get in touch with their customers. You’ll be able to directly and quickly answer questions just by going into Google Maps itself. If a user asks a question about a place, the business owner will be notified to see if they have “knowledgeable answers” to contribute. This makes your business seem more approachable and human and will help in developing a brand that is warm and welcoming, ultimately increasing your revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners will be able to add their own frequently asked questions and answers to the section as well, to cut down on certain questions being asked repeatedly. This will allow for business owners to make more information readily available. If you know there’s something customers are consistently asking you, it’s now easier than ever to make the answers to those questions readily available on the internet for your users to read.

Self Moderating

Part of the beauty of this system is that it is self-moderating. Whenever a question is answered, users will be able to upvote questions and answers to bump up the most useful information to the top. This allows for more important questions to stay relevant and read, whereas more specific questions that maybe not everyone needs an answer to will float down to the bottom of the list.

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