Google Adwords Has Made Big Changes to the Way They Deliver PPC

If you’ve ever used Google then you’ve seen their right-side text ads. Since the launch of Adwords in 2000, these sidebar ads have been a staple. However, this has all changed as Google Adwords has recently decided to do away with right-side text ads completely. This doesn’t mean that Google will no longer be implementing ads, they’re just rolling them out in a new way. Learn what you need to know in today’s blog, below.


Google Adwords Has Made Big Changes to the Way They Deliver PPC

Top ads achieve better results

Digital marketers and e-commerce business owners, fear not. Top ads will still be a feature of Google PPC and these ads generally have a much higher conversion rate the side or bottom text ads. It’s highly likely for most businesses that any clicks lost from side ads will be made up in top and fourth ads.

Google adds fourth ads

Google has implemented fourth ads, which have the benefit of looking more like an organic search result than a paid ad. This means that searchers are more likely to click on fourth ads than they may have been with side ads anyway. These ad spots also allow you to integrate ad extensions, which give you the opportunity to provide more information about your business and may improve your clickthrough rate.

Organic search is missing out

The biggest drawback to this new change is that organic search results are being pushed out by ads. Whereas organic results would normally occupy the 4th spot below paid ads, now that this spot is being taken up by ads, it means that many organic results are being pushed below the fold. This means that it will be even more important for businesses concerned with their search rankings to invest in PPC campaigns to ensure that their sites are getting seen by the right audiences.

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