Google Drops Mandatory Google+ Accounts

Mandatory Google+ AccountsFor quite a while it seemed as if Google could do no wrong. Then the company decided to get into the social media game, creating Google+, the site designed to compete with the king of social media: Facebook. However, things did not exactly go as planned. So Google got creative, making a strong push for its fledgling social network in various ways:

  1. SEO: Google put a high value on active Google+ businesses in search rankings. So if you cared even a little about SEO, you needed to be on Google+. Period.
  2. YouTube Comments: Google required YouTube comments be made using a Google+ profile. YouTube users (or should we say future Google+ users) were none too happy.
  3. Mandatory Google+ Accounts: Google even went as far as requiring any new Google user to create a Google+ profile. Sign up for Gmail? You need to create a Google+ account. Sign up for Google Analytics? You need to create a Google+ account. Sign up for Calendar? You need to create a Google+ account.

Still, despite these strong arm tactics, Google+ engagement never took off. So Google backed off…at least a little. New Google users will be happy to learn that they will no longer be required to sign up for Google+ when using Gmail, Calendar, Google Analytics, or any number of other Google offerings. Google has dropped its mandatory Google+ accounts.

*Everyone lets out a sigh of relief*

As you may recall from our previous blog, Google already did away with Google Authorship. So what does this all mean for the future of Google+? The truth is that we do not know. But if history is any indication, Google will not easily give up on its social network. So don’t expect Google to bow out of the social media arena just yet. In all likelihood, Google will continue tweaking its social network.

Don’t give up on Google+ just yet…

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