Google Algorithms to Factor Content Accuracy

New Google Algorithms Factors Content AccuracyGoogle – everyone’s favorite search engine – is constantly developing new ways to filter its search reults and ensure users receive only the most relevant information. In August 2014, Google did the unthinkable and removed Google Authorship to clean up its results. Later that year, Google released Penguin 3.0, which was designed to help websites that create great content, by giving them more authority in Google search results; and Pirate 2.0, which was designed to targeted websites with a lot of copyright infringement reports. More recently, Google announced that it will begin ranking mobile-friendly websites higher in search on mobile devices: a change the company admits will have a “significant impact in our search results.” This newest change will take effect on April 21st.

What’s next?

Google Algorithms to Factor Content Accuracy

According to reports, Google is working on a new algorithm that will weigh not only keyword density, but also the accuracy of your content. The more facts contained on a page, the better it will rank. Google will determine content accuracy using a score, called a Knowledge-Based Trust score. The Knowledge Vault is a database of 2.8 billion facts extracted from the web.

Creating Accurate Website Content

  1. Fact Checking: As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.” We think you get the point. Anyone can say anything online. The only way to know for sure if what you find on the Internet is accurate is to 1) rely only on credible sources or 2) double check your facts.
  2. Cite Sources: Another way to prove your credibility is to cite your sources. This will help set your site up as trustworthy.
  3. Copyedit: Have someone read over your content and check for spelling and grammar errors as well as double check all of your research. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Trust a Professional Web Marketing Company: One of the best ways to ensure your content is compelling, accurate, and written with SEO in mind is to enlist the services of a professional web marketing firm, like Adventure Web Interactive.

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