New Website Design: G&M Services, LLC

g&m services website design

We’re excited announce another new site launch this week! We just rolled out a brand new redesign for our friends over at G&M Services, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product! We took their clunky old website design and flipped it on its head. We built a much prettier, smoother user experience for anyone in need of concrete cutting services, FireStop fire prevention, and even plenty of life and job safety tips.

About G&M Services

G&M Services, LLC is a concrete cutting and life safety company based in Hanover, Maryland. Their concrete cutting services include sawing, drilling, grinding, and demolition, as well as pourback. They also conduct ground-penetrating radar surveys to ensure that any concrete cutting that they do won’t disrupt any other important infrastructure.

Safety is also a huge priority at G&M. In addition to their FireStop fire prevention installation, they also take plenty of measures to ensure that their own employees, as well as construction workers across the country, stay safe at all times. While you’re over exploring their new website design, make sure you check out their safety page to learn just how important safety is to them. They also run a great blog, where they write about safety issues often, along with tips and tricks in the concrete industry.

If you love G&M’s new site as much as they do, feel free to give us a shout to get your own website design underway. Our contact page is just a click away!

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