Four Tips To Decrease A High Bounce Rate

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Practice these tips to get your bounce rate down.

The bounce rate of a website is a critical aspect of the overall success of your website. Although it is not the best way to measure your success, it is a vital statistic you should manage. The amount of people who arrive on one of your website’s landing pages and immediately leave without exploring any pages essentially attributes to your bounce rate. A high rate could be concerning, but you can take measures to decrease your percentage. Here are our top ideas to lower the bounce rate for your website.

Improve The Speed Of Your Website

It is safe to say that we live in a microwave society—a world where we want everything instantly. Most web browsers demand that sites load in as short as 30 seconds. However, most visitors will leave your site if load times take longer than five to 10 seconds. Of course, the caliber of your web pages matters. People won’t have the patience to wait for your pages to load if they take too long. Lower your bounce rate by speeding up the loading of your website.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

One of the most crucial actions you can take is to ensure that your website can be easily accessed on mobile devices like phones and tablets.  Mobile devices are used for searches more often than desktops and laptops. Your bounce rate will increase if your site isn’t as appealing and user-friendly on a mobile device as on a desktop. Consider these factors when designing your website’s mobile version, and you should notice a decrease in your percentage.

Your Content Should Reflect Your Business

The key to lowering a high rate is ensuring that your material is pertinent to your business. Remember that your blog articles and other similar content should truly aid people looking for information and increase traffic to your website. Your website will inevitably have a high bounce rate if you don’t.

Improve Your Navigation Process

Being unable to find your way through a website for a company can be a result of a  complicated and intricate site design. As a result, you will unavoidably witness a high bounce rate. Prioritizing a more efficient navigation process should be one of the top priorities throughout the design process of your site.

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