Is Facebook Organic Reach Dead? Have You Noticed a Drop in Engagement?

Facebook Organic ReachHave you recently noticed a drop in the engagement – likes, comments, and shares – on your company’s Facebook page? If so, you are not alone. Late last year, Facebook announced that it would soon be limiting the reach of brands’ unpaid, or organic, posts that the social network’s algorithms consider “overly promotional.” In other words, if you promote a product, service, or sweepstakes, Facebook will not push your post out to your fans.Bye, bye organic reach!

“As we’ve said before, News Feed is already a competitive place – as more people and Pages are posting content, competition to appear in News Feed has increased,” explained Facebook last November. “All of this means that Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.”

The State of Facebook Organic Reach

Starting in January 2015, Facebook began filtering more and more of your company’s posts from your fans’ News Feeds. This is nothing new, but it is certainly more extreme than it had previously been.

In 2014, just 2% of a company’s Facebook posts actually reached their fans and only 0.7% of top brand’s Facebook fans interacted with these posts. This means that 98% of your fans will not see your posts and 99% won’t engage. And things will only be worse in 2015, especially if you try to promote your business.

So, is Facebook organic reach dead? Well, no…but it is certainly not what it used to be. What Facebook is really saying is if you really want people to see your posts, promote them with an ad or boost them. Facebook is really pushing paid reach for businesses.

If you plan to use Facebook as a marketing platform moving forward, it will be beneficial to have a plan of action.

The Solution: Outsourced Social Media Marketing

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