Facebook Messenger is The New Face Of Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingFacebook messenger is an application which allows you to privately connect with your favorite people and businesses. A lot of new capabilities have been added to the messenger application recently which are actively transforming it into an effective marketing tool. From sending a favorite emoji, to making video calls and added international calling features, Facebook Messenger takes online communication to a whole new level.The implementation of ‘bot’ features which automatically reply to customer’s questions have revolutionized social media web reputation strategies. Now, more than ever, it is easier and more convenient to reply to customer needs via messenger in a way that doesn’t take away your precious business hours. Let’s take a closer look at how Facebook Messenger’s new features can revolutionize your company’s social media marketing potential.

Using Bots And Automated Response Features

Facebook messenger currently has 900 million users worldwide. It’s your job to reach this audience effectively! Setting up a bot, or automated response feature to that collaborates with customer inquiries is an awesome way to manage your social media presence. Online, responsive businesses are held with high regard and respect. A bot that automatically gives your contact information, your business’ hours of operation, and the name of an individual to reach concerning specific questions is a great new way to meet customer needs. It will put them on the right track for solving their problem, and saves you precious work hours for more focus on for-profit causes. Set up a convenient response system today with the effective new Facebook Messenger features.

A Growing User Base

With a user base in the millions that is exponentially growing, reaching a diverse clientele is far more convenient and effective. A recent survey of 500 millennials from OpenMarket found that 75% would rather use text messaging over voice calls if they had to choose one form of communication. A large user base filled with a clientele most responsive to text-style communication is the perfect storm for new, and effective social media marketing practices. Jump on board today by implementing the bot response feature to your company Facebook page.

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